Excursion to Leni by the ring shaped path leading to Vallespina and the Praiola zone, between the oldest and the youngest volcano of the island, where spins uncontested the Falco Eleonorae (Eleonora’s falcon)

Time of the walk: 2,5 hours

Length: about 6 km round trip ( 6560 yd )

Steepness: 100 m ( 109,361 yd )

A wild and at the same easy path, the one that starts from the area of S. Lucia in the Municipality of Leni and leads to Vallespina. A place that once, crossing the Praiola area, connected with the village of Pollara. The walk looks on a huge body of water, with Filicudi and Alicudi in front, escorted along the way from Lipari and Vulcano behind. This is the path that will make the happiness of those who are also interested in volcanology, because the passage between the volcanoes of Pizzo Corvo and Pollara, the oldest and the youngest, will allow you to admire complex stratifications rare to find in other places.

Pollara – where the famous movie “Il Postino” by Troisi was filmed – will therefore be admired from an entirely new perspective, with a breathtaking view of the Filo di Branda – the highest cliff on the island – that exceeds 500 metres. This conformation resembles a Norwegian fjord and offers shelter to the Eleonora’s falcon, whose story will be told during the journey, along with that of the particular fauna that lives in the area.

The ring-shaped tour – in which the olive trees, the euphorbia and the mastic trees dominate – will lead you to observe the whole conformation from above and go back along a different road. This is a path that during the Summer offers the best at sunset, both for the lower temperature and for the open space, which during this time offers magnificent colors. Walking along the dense olive groves you will pass next to an old colonial house, in whose clearing it will also be possible to organize rich tastings and then return at night, in the light of torches and the moon.

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