Climb to Monte Fossa delle Felci (962 m) departing from Valdichiesa to the discovery of the crater among the endemic plants. Only for the bravest… includes also a voyage in the “Gnomes village”!

Time of the walk: 4 hours

Length: about 10 km round trip (10930 yd)

Steepness: 600 m (657 yd)

Monte Fossa delle Felci is the highest peak of the Aeolian Islands, from which you can admire all the other Aeolian islands, the Sicilian coast and even Mount Etna. A unique and fulfilling experience, which gives the feeling of being able to embrace the entire archipelago.

The ascent to the Fossa delle Felci is the easiest to follow, the most complete and varied in the whole Aeolian territory. There are precisely various options allowing you to choose the type of walk based on the needs and physical preparation of each. From the main dirt road to the short cuts in stone, an inheritance of the ancient road still practicable today; from alternative paths that plunge into the woods, where you really feel the mountain breathe, to others that allow you to go around the island discovering it from the many belvedere (with tastings, organized on request).

This is one of the most requeste excursions of U Marruggiu tours. We will then explore the Fossa mountain, one of the many hidden craters of Salina, full of ferns, chestnuts, pines and oaks: a place that will be reported during the considered sacred, since the most ancient times. Once you get off in the volcano – along a road full of trees – you turn a new round compared to the usual tours, to look out on the islands and to discover others, up to the summit.

We will know the endemic plants and their connection with local daily life, gradually discovering a Nordic nature in a Mediterranean context. In the end, crossing the many tunnels of light in the middle of the vegetation, without ever going the same way, you will have the feeling of having brought home a real journey within your soul. And for those who feel they can meet the challenges, there will also be a challenging adventure in places that exist only in fairy tales.

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