Excursion on the hills (200 m a. s. l.) of Lingua village, among abandoned houses, witched caves and necropolises. Discovering then the maritime towns and museums.

Time of excursion: 3 hours (museum tour included)

Length: about 3,5 km (3827,65 yd)

Steepness: 200m (218,723 yd)

The excursion along the ancient Lingua road is the easiest route among those proposed, to be preferably to be undertaken during the second part of the afternoon. A path that can be accessed by the many crosspieces that rise from the country, halving or lengthening the route depending on the needs. From the passage in the archaeological area where the necropolis was found inside the “Mastrognoli” valley – which goes from the IV-III b.C. century to the V century A.D., we will continue in the direction of an old building of the early ‘900 now abandoned, testimony of the phenomenon concerning the local emigration.

Among the ‘holy thorns’ (a kind of genista), in a detour from the main road, it is hidden a Rutta d’u Monachieddu, the “Grotta del Monachello” (‘Monachello”, the little monk, a sort of goblin), a cave that is said to have been inhabited in ancient times by a ghost that terrorized the wayfarers. The place is located near the valleys where a man apparently lived, in a house also hidden, which was handling the gunpowder. Once back on track, the road strewn with flowering brooms (one more reason to practice this walk in the spring) will eventually lead you among the olive trees.

Going back to the village you will pass by an ancient fishing village, you will visit the Lingua lighthouse and the salt water lake, where salt was extracted (hence the current name of the island) and where they often shelter colorful migratory birds. After booking, you will visit the archaeological museum and the ethno-anthropological museum, where you will be able to know both the ancient and the more recent history of the island of Salina.

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