u marruggiu

In Sicilian u marruggiu generally indicates the handle of an agricultural tool, which can also be used as a stick. In this sense, it becomes a solid and valid support for hiking in the mountains, which then becomes very difficult to give up.

Michele Merenda is a volunteer tour guide of the association “Camminando con…”, affiliated to Federtrek. The excursions of the group “Camminando con… le Isole Eolie” are based on a deep knowledge of the island territory, exploiting not only the walks in safe and little known paths, but also proposing tastings on the ancient local dishes and telling the Aeolian story as it has not yet been heard.

All the excursions difficulty is TE level (turistic/excursionistic level).
Trekking shoes, water and hat are mandatory.
According to the group necessities, personalized excursions, of every difficulty or length, can be organized.


Cell. e whatsapp: + 39 3336672522
e-mail: info@umarruggiu.it